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$30.00 - 60min - each lesson



Making Learning More Enjoyable

Luna nueva

Each of my sessions as a private teacher include an assessment, educational and engaging activities, and a homework review. I assess each student’s specific needs in order to come up with customized lessons, such as learning new study skills, boosting confidence, or working on test-taking skills. After the first assessment session, I work with each student to come up with a strategic learning plan. I don’t believe in dependency — my goal is for each student to acquire enough skills to become an independent learner.

Lessons & Courses

Lessons & Courses
Ciudad de la playa
Lección 2

Group Lessons 

USD $15 per student

NZD $20 per student

55 minutes class

Spanish for kids.jpg

Spanish for kids

USD $25 per student

Bundle of 10 lessons

(total of 10 hours)

Private class.jpg

Private Lessons

USD $25

NZD $35

55 minutes class


Portuguese for kids

USD $25 per student

Bundle of 10 lessons

(total of 10 hours)

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10% Discount
Most popular option


USD $25

NZD $45


USD $20

NZD $35

Bundle of 10 lesson

USD $200

NZD $400

Bundle of 10 lesson

USD $150

NZD $300

Interesting facts

Interesting facts
Playa Botafogo


Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

Oi! Você fala Português?

How many people speak Portuguese?

It is spoken by about 279 million people



Nobel D'Souza
Financial Advisor  
New Zealand

Took my first Spanish class with Paola and have been going since. She's very passionate about teaching and makes sure you know the foundation before moving ahead with the lessons. Apart from the learning aspect of the lessons, she also forms social activities with groups and encourages us to speak and grow our Spanish. 

Private classes are better as she tends to structure your learning to your skill level. I'd recommend her for Spanish lessons any day!


Claudio Spiti
Executive Generalist

Paola was my Spanish tutor in 2015 and she challenged me to broaden my knowledge with dynamic and diverse activities. Paola is passionate about the Spanish language & culture and her teaching approach is productive, engaging, and uncomplicated.


Alba Collazos
Head of Monitoring and Evaluation at World Food Programme

Paola it’s a great professional in her field. I would like to recommend Paola as Portuguese teacher since learning with her was fast, easy and fruitful. Her classes well prepared, amusing and she is proficiency in Portuguese and Spanish. Material of excellent quality was provided by her. 
She has got an awesome sense of humor that made lessons really pleasant and enjoyable. 
I feel totally comfortable recommending Paola as your teacher either Portuguese or Spanish. 
Good luck Paola, see you!


David Trousdell
Deputy Principal


Paola was my Spanish tutor in 2015, and she provided excellent and varied activities, and challenged me to extend my abilities. She was able to engage me at an appropriate and challenging level; she is an excellent teacher with a warm and positive approach to her lessons.


Aaron Smith
New Zealand

I have been studying Spanish with Paola for 18 months as part of a group class. Together we have built a really strong connection where the sessions feel like we are a team moving towards a desired outcome. I particularly enjoy Paola's style of teaching and integrating new ways for her students to understand. Paola connects her other students with each other whic enables us to pratice our Spanish skills outside of the lessons. I whish you all the best for the future. Thank you so much for helping my development


James Anderson
Senior Liability Adjuster
New Zealand

I have been a student of Paola for several months. She has the ability to identify the weaknesses in my Spanish and find an opportunity to improve them in a way that is fun rather than effort.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Paola to anyone whether just starting to learn a language or seeking to improve and fine tune.

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+027 591 3311

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About me

About me
Luna nueva

Hola, Oi, tudo bem?

My name is Paola

I was born in Bogotá, Colombia, and I have been teaching Spanish and Portuguese for 15 years. I chose my career because I'm passionate about motivating my students to learn other languages. I love seeing students improve as the months go by. Hope to see you soon!

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