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Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

Oi! Você fala Português?

How many people speak Portuguese?

It is spoken by about 279 million people.

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Ezlingo Spanish & Portuguese are giving my students the best, most rewarding learning experience.

My passion for teaching is helping students achieve their goals. Are you ready to reach your potential? Join me today!

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James Anderson

Senior Liability Adjuster at Allied Claims Solutions

I have been a student of Paola for several months. She has the ability to identify the weaknesses in my Spanish and find an opportunity to improve them in a way that is fun rather than effort. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Paola to anyone whether just starting to learn a language or seeking to improve and fine tune.


David Trousdell

Deputy Principal - Wellbeing and Engagement at Lona College

Paola was my Spanish tutor in Australia, and she provided excellent and varied activities, and challenged me to extend my abilities. She was able to engage me at an appropriate and challenging level; she is an excellent teacher with a warm and positive approach to her lessons.


Alba Collazos

Head of Monitoring and Evaluation at World Food Programme

“Paola it’s a great professional in her field. I would like to recommend Paola as Portuguese teacher since learning with her was fast, easy and fruitful. Her classes well prepared, amusing and she is proficiency in Portuguese and Spanish. Material of excellent quality was provided by her. She has got an awesome sense of humor that made lessons really pleasant and enjoyable. I feel totally comfortable recommending Paola as your teacher either Portuguese or Spanish. Good luck Paola, see you!”


Angel Bes Izuel

Partner at KPMG

Paola is a great professional and enthusiastic of her work. I had the opportunity to hire her services as a Spanish teacher for more than 6 months and it was an excellent experience. Committed to her work and students, dynamic and creative, making the classes enjoyable and very productive learning from the first day, both the language and culture of the country. Recommended with complete confidence to Paola to receive both Portuguese and Spanish classrooms. "Muito obrigado por tudo"


Angel López

Policy Export at Banco España

Paola is a fantastic teacher of languages. Learning Portuguese with her was always easy, not only because of her great teaching skills but also because of her great sense of humor and commitment. I definitely recommend Paola's work.


Wagner Yamuto

Director at Matraquinha

Paola develops an excellent job, including techniques, multimedia resources, extra curricular subjects and real situations (day-to-day). Always punctual and with deep knowledge of our language (Portuguese - BR) presents us with the greatest difficulties encountered for the correct learning of Spanish. It is important to highlight that she practiced with us in our in-company course at Rumo Informatica Spanish spoken in Spain and in Latin America.


Alex Körner

Head of Insurance Products at Banco Santander and Chairman of the Business Intelligence Committee at CNSEG

Paola was the main teacher I had in Skill Language school to learn Spanish. Colombian with a strong knowledge of Brazilian grammar, Paola is a person who manages to provide examples in both languages to enhance the understanding of the language. Demanding, always up-to-date and committed to her students!


Carolina Brana Trapiello

Senior Manager at Monitor Deloitte

I would like to recommend Paola as a teacher of the Portuguese language. She taught me during my international assignment in São Paulo/Brazil. I would like to emphasize your pleasant and practical classes. I would recommend Paola to anyone who is interested in improving his/her Portuguese or who wants to work in Brazil! I would also like to highlight your dedication and professionalism. Paola is an excellent teacher if you want to polish your Portuguese!! Muito Obrigada, Paola!


Alvaro Salamanca

Director at Despierta - Responsabilidad Social Corporativa, Ecología y Medio Ambiente

Fui su alumno de portugués en São Paulo cuando yo ya tenía un nivel aceptable de ese idioma. En pocos meses aprendí muchísimo más gracias a ella, pronunciación, gramática, conversación... Los miércoles era el mejor día de la semana porque podíamos dejar el banco para asistir a sus turmas :)

Claudio Spiti.jpg

Claudio Spiti

Regional Manager SA at Regis

Paola was my Spanish tutor in 2015 and she challenged me to broaden my knowledge with dynamic and diverse activities. Paola is passionate about the Spanish language & culture and her teaching approach is productive, engaging, and uncomplicated.

Pablo GIl_edited.jpg

Pablo Gil

Manager at KPMG

Paola tiene gran capacidad para facilitar el entendimiento y manejo de un nuevo idioma, no sólo transmitiendo las cuestiones más técnicas sino también las cuestiones culturas y procedimentales tan importantes en el desarrollo laboral en el extranjero. Trato exquisito y atenta en la evolución académica y de adaptación.


Luciana Hamassaki

E-commerce - Marketing Digital na Fastcommerce

A Paola é uma professora excelente. Tem muita facilidade de ensinar e sou muito grata pelos ensinamentos transmitidos. Super recomendo a professora Paola.


Ivana Antonini

HR Consultant

I had the opportunity to work with Paola in São Paulo Brazil. Paola is an applied, dedicated, committed and punctual professional. With experience in the pedagogical and business area, she presents skills in the management of various languages (Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, German and English) She has a professional profile oriented to lead teams, plan and organize tasks.


Ramon Anchustegui

Manager at PwC

Paola is an Excellent Portuguese and Spanish teacher, not only she is brilliant in grammar and conversation, but also she is good with business vocabulary and even slang. She made her lessons really dynamic and I felt I was learning really fast without effort. I definitely recommend her.

Associate partner at Matraquinha

River Watts

Advanced Course Instructor

Since joining our team a few years ago, River Watts has brought a fresh perspective and teaching approach to their position as our Advanced Course Instructor that has inspired innovation throughout EZ Spanish & Portuguese.


Aaron Smith

Auckland - New Zealand

I have been studying Spanish with Paola for 18months as part of a group class. Together we have built a really strong connection where the sessions feel like we are a team moving towards the desired outcome. I particularly enjoy Paola's style of teaching and integrating new ways for her students to understand. Paola connects her other students with each other which enables us to practice our Spanish skills outside of the lessons. I wish you all the best for the future. Thank you so much for helping my development :)

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